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Race Day 3

Stage 1

11 pilotes where ready to start the first race of the day. Jean-Luc Jahsi took the lead but Russell was following very close. In the last lap Russell Maron his battery gave up. Jean-Luc won the race in front of his own crouwd!

Congrats to Jean-Luc Jahsi!

Stage 2

In the second race of the day Jean-Luc Jahsi his Kawasaki Ultra x310 ran a little faster than Russell Maron his Ultra x300. Jean-Luc also won the second race!

The next and last race of the Martinique Jet Race 2014 is a consuption race. Riders fill up their fuel tanks and start the 15 laps long race. Riders will have to be smart on the throttle if they want to finnish! Lets get ready!

Stage 3

The last race has been won by Valentin Limon! He was faster than Sylvain Ente and Jean-Luc Jahshi. Russell Marmon finished 4th.

Jean-Luc Jahsi is todays winner!

Hope to see all pilotes back next year!

Race Day 2

Stage 1

We arrived @ Club Med in Sainte-Anne. Beautifull place over here!

Pilots will arrive around lunchtime!

Updates about the race will follow as soon as possible!

With a little delay, 14 pilots left Case-Pilote to arrive in Sainte-Anne as first. The man who struggled his way through the rough sea before all the others was Russell Marmon! Just like the first day he was the strongest pilot out there!

Between the first two stages the public got spoiled with a show from Daniel Martin on his freestyle boat. After him St├ęphane Prayas entertained the public on his flyboard.

Stage 2

For the second stage of the day pilots will race 5 rounds in a closed circuit of 7km long.
After a false start it took 2 rounds to get the pilots back to the shore. After the second start pilots where going hard before the white sand beach of Sainte-Anne. Jean-Luc Jahsi (#20) was on the lead with Russell real close behind him. But than by entering round 4 he went to short around and iron buoy and few seconds later he was out the race. Russell Marmon finished that round alone and also won this stage.

Stage 3

Instead of racing back to Case-Pilote race direction decided to send everybody back together in group escorted by 2 boats. Each pilot recieved 60 point for the trip.

Race Day 1

Stage 1

Russell Marmon was the fastest pilot on the 62km track! It took him only 42 minutes to do the job!

Congrats to Russell Marmon!

Here are the first images from the opening race of the weekend:

Stage 2

The second race was a closed course. Riders completed 7 laps of 3.5km each.
Nobody on the track succeeded in beating Russell Marmon! He also won the second race of the day!

Winner of the day is Russell Marmon! Congrats to him!


Pictures taken by JetsKiNworld