Race Day 3

Stage 1

11 pilotes where ready to start the first race of the day. Jean-Luc Jahsi took the lead but Russell was following very close. In the last lap Russell Maron his battery gave up. Jean-Luc won the race in front of his own crouwd!

Congrats to Jean-Luc Jahsi!

Stage 2

In the second race of the day Jean-Luc Jahsi his Kawasaki Ultra x310 ran a little faster than Russell Maron his Ultra x300. Jean-Luc also won the second race!

The next and last race of the Martinique Jet Race 2014 is a consuption race. Riders fill up their fuel tanks and start the 15 laps long race. Riders will have to be smart on the throttle if they want to finnish! Lets get ready!

Stage 3

The last race has been won by Valentin Limon! He was faster than Sylvain Ente and Jean-Luc Jahshi. Russell Marmon finished 4th.

Jean-Luc Jahsi is todays winner!

Hope to see all pilotes back next year!